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Shower Spy

Sexy blond bisexual boy Oliver Morgenson is an undeniable feast for the eyes as he gets naked in the bathroom ready for his shower. You couldn’t possibly pass such a sight without drinking in as much of his delicious form as possible. Young Nick Danner does more than that, the sight of the sexy boy hard and stroking quickly has him spying and stroking himself, thinking about the prospect of some horny BoyFun.

As soon becomes apparent, he only needed to ask. As the gorgeous glistening twink arrives in the bedroom and finds his friend ready and willing he wastes no time, heading in for a kiss.

The boys are equally ravenous, their hard lengths throbbing and wet once revealed, their hands and mouths greedily exploring as the smell of precum and soap fills their nostrils.

With a taste of cute Nick’s snug and smooth hole Oliver takes the plunge, easing his hooded pink length between those sexy cheeks and filling the boy’s naked chute. Nick might have been expecting to simply jerk out his cream thinking about his sexy friend toying with his own perfect dick, but now he’s fully impaled with those raw inches as he hops aboard to bounce on his gorgeous friend.

The deep thrusting while on his back hits that button with skill, his dick raging with the need to cum as their moans and whimpers escape their lips.

Stroked a pumped Nick explodes his milky goo in the most satisfying climax, the mess soon to be doubled as Oliver releases his cock and wanks over the boy’s ass, splashing his copious creamy wad between the boy’s cheeks.

Another shower is in order, but could they finish that without sharing those dicks again?


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Rammed By His Tram

Cute boy Maksym King has caught the attention of adorable Kaleb Cross while he’s out around town, it’s no wonder he’s willing to get to know the sexy young guy a little more in a session of youthful BoyFun.

Nothing much needs to be said before the two are on the couch and taking each other’s clothes off, kissing and groping for the growing bulges in their pants. The new friends are perfectly matched; two lithe young guys with smooth bodies and urgent erections needing a lot of attention.

Kaleb’s incredible shaft is a true mouthful, but Maksym is appropriately greedy and gets to work on the delicious uncut meat before his own generous length is released for his hung buddy to lick and suck.

No doubt these two horny young pals could spend a while worshiping those tasty young cocks but with a little licking and fingering of Maksym’s eager little pucker he’s ready to take every inch of Kaleb’s thick bare tool in his hole.

Watch as Maksym rides that incredible dick, his ass eager for as much of it as he can take, bouncing on the throbbing boner and taking a deep jabbing from behind before laying back on the floor for the final passionate stretch of pounding pleasure.

With young Maksym’s cock unleashing a fountain of thick white cream over himself his top buddy is just about ready to give the cute boy a deliciously messy facial to seal their new friendship, letting the sweet boy taste the goo with a wet kiss betwen them.