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FRISKY BOYFRIENDS: Ares Reiv, David Cameron

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Lean and sexy Ares Reiv and his lovely boyfriend David Cameron are two twinks who could very easily get plenty of attention while shirtless at the beach, but these two BoyFun twink are dedicated to each other. That becomes clear when they head home and end up on the couch, ready to show us all how they like to spend their time. With a little loving smooch the gorgeous boys are soon turning their attention to their urgent erections. David is quick to get to work sucking his lover’s delicious dick, working it with obvious skill in his talented mouth. A little ass play from Ares has the taller boy returning the favor and sucking on David’s Latino cock, taking it deep in his mouth and with greed. Some fingering and ball play has David ready for more, and you can bet his bareback boyfriend is more than happy to deliver it. Watch as Ares eases his naked erection between those smooth cheeks, fucking his lover boy from behind. David shows how eager he is for it when he takes a ride on Ares’, jacking himself off and enjoying some great upward thrusting from his talented top. A great spooning on the couch has David furiously gushing his milky load out over his tanned stomach, but the bottom boy isn’t gonna be happy until he’s take a splashing in the face from Ares’ squirting length.



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17 May 2024

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