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Giddy Up, Cowboy: Sage Roux / Joel Hart

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It seems like the middle of nowhere when tattooed cowboy Joel Hart steps out of his truck in the desert scrub, but maybe that’s the point. Blond Sage Roux waits for the top by a rock wall, fanning himself with his hat in the heat, his jacket open to show his smooth chest. Joel grips Sage’s waistband to tug him closer, running his hands over the cowboy, and Sage sucks him. Joel bends the bottom over, driving into him against the rocks, then they make themselves more comfortable in the bed of the truck as Sage climbs on that dick for a ride! The top drills Sage in doggystyle and mish, fucking out his load, then breeds his hole.



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3 July 2024


4 July 2024

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