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Kevin’s beautiful morning

Kevin is a 20-year-old boy who loves music, sex and his buddies. He usually gets up at around 9 a.m., and every day when he wakes up his dick is erect and hard. This may be because now he isn’t in any relationship and is not having sex either.

Jacking off is a daily activity for him. Today, Kevin is having a nice morning. Two of his friends, Radim and Karel, have come to visit him!

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Bastian, Jason, Kieran & Eluan


This scene shows that teamwork makes the dream work and the cream spurt as the boys prepare to pack up and head home from BootCamp.  When we all cum together (well, almost) we all can be winners in sports and in sex.  What starts off as two couples evolves into a fourgy as the boys trade partners as quickly as they trade DNA. There are no predefined roles but after much sucking and rimming it is Eluan and Jason who succumb to desire first as they raise their legs in the air and beg to get fucked.   It’s not easy to capture four cum shots when filming but Luke does an admirable job memorializing 4 big loads from 4 very happy boys.


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