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Cody Cachet

Age: 18Ethnicity: AmericanHair Color: BlondEye Color: BlueCock Size: 9.5Orientation: GayRole: Top Hey guys, meet Cody Cachet. He loves being a Helix Studio's exclusive, and is really loving the great feedback he's been getting from you all. He can't say that he minds the attention. He's been very happy to pound some of the other 8teenboy… Continue reading Cody Cachet

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Jack Harrer & Joaquin Arrenas

Get The Scene After doing a quick check I see that this is Jack's first hardcore outing here on BelAmiOnline since May, and, following Murphy's law, he is again fucking Joaquin Arrenas. Although we would normally pull this scene out and save it, both times the scenes are part of a series that we want… Continue reading Jack Harrer & Joaquin Arrenas

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Jack Harrer

Jack's first video interview included him wearing a Rastafarian wig and joking about smoking weed, creating the mistaken impression that he is a pothead. Customers should understand that as a 20-year-old (as of 2010) maverick who liked to tease and provoke; this is what made him perfect for shooting porn; and nothing has changed in… Continue reading Jack Harrer

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Ashton Montana & Peter Annaud

Get the Scene As we were preparing this scene, we realized Luke forgot to film an introduction. So, we invited Ashton and Peter back to have a chat about the scene in lieu of a normal storyline. Peter is Ashton’s made-to-order lover. First, Ashton has a weakness for rimming, a skill which Peter is especially… Continue reading Ashton Montana & Peter Annaud

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Florian Nemec

“Nemec” is a German surname, and George Duroy thinks “Florian” is rather funny, but he can’t recall how they were applied to our boy. Florian is Hungarian and his pleasant, outgoing personality reminds George of Luke Hamill. In fact, he performs the same job as Luke in Bel Ami’s office in Budapest. He prepares the… Continue reading Florian Nemec

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Adam Archuleta

Adam Archuleta, real name Michal Karika (born 15 January 1990 in Czech Republic) is a Czech pornographic actor, webcam and adult model. He began working in pornography for Bel Ami in 2010 at the age of 20, doing mostly solo masturbation scenes. He has since become well-known in porn for his massive cumshots and his… Continue reading Adam Archuleta

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Get the scene 'Don't worry, no-one will ever find out' is a line that Antony has used with success before, and it seems that it is working again today when he agrees to 'rescue' Nils for a house full of guys that are constantly hitting on him. If you know Antony though, it is very… Continue reading SATURDAY SPECIAL: ANTONY LORCA & NILS TATUM

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Jon Kael & Andre Boleyn

Get the Scene It was difficult for us to find a scene that wouldn’t be overshadowed by our first scene with Pip and Jack, but we feel this scene is equally as hot though in a different way. It’s established that our KA guys expect to be able to walk into any room and instantly find… Continue reading Jon Kael & Andre Boleyn

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Andrei Karenin & Mikk d’Ancona

Get The Scene Andrei Karenin has to be one of most intense lovers that we have in our current roster of guys and his passion is always on display, both on and off camera. Today Mikk Ad'Ancona is the lucky boy to get to experience Andrei during his 2nd on camera training session. Although Andrei… Continue reading Andrei Karenin & Mikk d’Ancona

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#Helix: Seth Peterson and Brian Gibson

Get the Scene Helix is back with another exciting installment! Seth Peterson, and Brian Gibson get to know one another through your questions from twitter. Question topics range from spanking to getting DP’ed, and everything in between. The request portion is always spicy and this round includes tickling with tongues, and even spanking! Naturally, the… Continue reading #Helix: Seth Peterson and Brian Gibson

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Oliver & Joel

Get the Scene The extended length of this oral only scene is a metaphor for the extended length of cock featured. At least that’s what we’d like to think director Luke Hamill was going with. Though Joel’s sucking skills are excellent it’s his rimming ability that pushes Oliver over the edge coaxing a huge load… Continue reading Oliver & Joel

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Sound of Seduction

Get the Scene A few of your favorite models decide to make it a fun night in at the Helix mansion. The guys play Jenga and pool before Caleb Gray picks up his guitar and starts strumming. The twink’s talent catches Alex Riley’s eye. He realizes, if Caleb can make his guitar sing with a… Continue reading Sound of Seduction

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Travis Stevens Solo Session

Get The scene Travis Stevens has been a twink superstar since 2014, and remains one thanks to a rigorous workout regime that finds him in the gym several times a week. Fellow superstar, interviewer and director, Trevor Harris finds out Stevens has been working out other muscles in the gym steam room as well! The… Continue reading Travis Stevens Solo Session

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Get The Scene Hang out with all your favorite helix hotties as they celebrate graduation- cap, gowns- the whole 9! After the ceremony, and a night on the town, Seth Peterson opens his frat brother, Aiden Garcia’s bedroom door to find him and Alex Riley gettin DOWN! Riley bolts, but not before threatening Seth not… Continue reading Graduates

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Bareback Desires

Get the Scene It’s a gorgeous day out, and all your favorite Helix hotties are heading to the lake for some rafting! The boys meet at the Helix mansion before hand, where scene stealer Riley Finch turns his flirt game up to 100. His gaze pierces through the sea of sexy, young studs to zero… Continue reading Bareback Desires

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Levi Rhodes Solo Session

Get the Scene 21 year old track star twink, Levi Rhodes is fresh out of the gate and ready to quench your thirst! Trevor Harris interviews the big dicked dude, then does a thorough inspection under the hood. Levi is PACKIN’! Even huge hogged Harris is impressed with the guy’s gargantuan gift! The two take… Continue reading Levi Rhodes Solo Session

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Teen Lust

Get the Scene Austin Lovett sits in sexy Spencer Locke’s lap, making out with the young stud, as Locke’s extra large loin throbs, thumping that butt. The curious cock sniffer makes his way down to investigate further and receives a mouthful of meat from the hung hottie. The talented twink swallows every thick inch as… Continue reading Teen Lust