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Lip locked, and ready to lay it on each other, Jacob Hansen, and Sam Ledger come in hot, straight out the gate! Just as Ledger leans in to grope Jacob’s junk, Hansen’s horny hands reach for Sam’s pants, and he pulls them down, revealing a red hot jockstrap. Jacob’s juicy giant is rock hard, and poking from his jeans. Sam can’t take the temptation any longer; so, releases the bulging beast from it’s confines, and gets to sucking cock. Anxious to give pleasure as well, Jacob orders his boy onto the bed for a deep tonguing. Once he’s prepped hiss work area, Hansen pulls the twink’s hips up, and hammers that hot hole out doggy style. Overtaken with ecstasy, Hansen caves into the dude’s delicious lil’ body, and keeps right on railing him like a lion.


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20 May 2024

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