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Milcon Tonso is using an interesting method to find some BoyFun action at the beach. For most guys cruising might entail some sexy glances or some suggestive signals, but this boy just offers Isaac Muller his headphones to listen to what he’s currently bopping out to. Seeing two boys bonding over music isn’t strange in itself, but these two certainly know how to take the beats per minute to the max when they’re back in the bedroom and stripping out of their clothes. The young music fans have a couple of impressive uncut cocks that need a lot of attention, grabbing each other and sucking on those tasty tools, slurping their friend’s meat with clear skill. The licking and gobbling might be enough to have many a guy busting their nut, but when Milcon turns his attention to licking out his new pal’s pucker it’s clear they won’t be satisfied solely by some awesome head. Isaac doesn’t need a whole lot of rimming before his snug hole is ready to welcome that raw curved cock deep inside. Milcon thrusts away slowly, his large balls swollen and hairless while we watch from behind. You can tell that ass is real tight, but things get easier when our bottom boy takes the lead and impales his rump on his buddy’s naked inches. With his butt eased open it’s a far smoother ride for Milcon, fucking his lover from behind. You can see he’s having to take his time to stop his cock from erupting too quickly, but soon the pleasure is too much and he’s pulling out to shower Isaac’s lower back with his hot nut. The boy isn’t done yet. With Isaac flipped and jacking his own meaty shaft he crams his gooey cock back in, helping his pal to splash his own gooey load in a final flurry of pleasure.



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4 July 2024

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