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THE THIRSTY GARDENER: Justin Host, Kamada Joe

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It’s fair to say that gardening can be hard and thirsty work, so it’s always wise to take plenty of breaks especially when the weather is so fine. BoyFun twinks Justin Host and Kamada Joe know that all too well. To be fair, young Justin has barely started his work in the yard when he’s stripping off his t-shirt and catching the eye of young Kamada. Of course the boy is more than happy to offer his hard working visitor a glass of water, he’s willing to find any excuse to admire the boy’s smooth and fit body close-up. Perhaps implausibly, Justin is a messy boy. He spills almost as much water as he manages to drink, but soaking the front of his shorts is a great excuse for Kamada to make contact. Sure, his shorts would soon dry in the sun, but it seems both of these boys know what they’re seeking and with Kamada groping the full package his guest has in his shorts young Justin’s intended work is abandoned for something far more fun. Kissing and rubbing cocks in the sun the boys become the best of pals, with Kamada getting on his knees to service the delicious dick his fit young friend offers him. Led inside to the bedroom Justin returns the dick slurping favor and with some awesome rimming of young Kamada’s hole that naked length of gardener cock is sliding between his cheeks. An amazing ride on Justin’s dong takes the boys toward a messy finish and the feel of fresh warm seed pumping over his gorgeous ass soon has Kamada wanking his own spewing dick cream from his meat. Justin can’t help but get a taste.



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8 June 2024

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