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HOT & THROBBING: Carlos Costa, Tim Gottfrid

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There aren’t many young guys who would pass up the opportunity for some big dicked BoyFun in favor of a good book, and Carlos Costa certainly can’t when his pal Tim Gottfrid arrives bulging in his very snug underwear. To be fair, Tim isn’t exactly subtle about his horniness and with Carlos repeatedly checking him out while he gropes his big package it’s inevitable that they’re going to land on the same page. With his novel abandoned and the unwritten request accepted the boys are quickly groping and stripping, showing off their smooth and lean bodies. The hot skin-on-skin contact can only serve to encourage them on and with Tim’s incredible cock revealed from his underwear Carlos is quickly sucking on it. Their stiff meat sticks are so urgent, their delicious boner swapping pleasures have both boys desperate for more. All it takes is some greedy licking of Carlos’ little hole and the pair are taking their erotic story to the limits. See Carlos take that awesome pink dong from behind before sliding his naked pucker down on Tim’s rampant rod to enjoy a ride, his own darker dick still throbbing with pleasure throughout. Slim little Carlos is very well practiced in the art of taking a big cock, and his own meat sure loves it when Tim plunges deeper in a missionary position to make his bottom boy spew his hot seed in an impressive release. Tim is following up with his own gusher moments later, pulling out just in time to write the final chapter and sling his cream over his studious pal. Not even the best book could compete with this kind of entertainment.



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9 June 2024

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9 June 2024

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