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Twenty one year old fresh BoyFun arrival Muriel Karmesi is ready to impress an audience, and he’s more than equipped to do it. This super lean and slim young guy has an affinity for showing off. Some boys have that natural horny confidence and it doesn’t take much to have them stripping down and playing with themselves for the camera. Muriel wastes little time, his hands are quickly exploring his super slim body and delving into his pants, all while he offers seductive glances. After a few more moments he’s stripping down to show us his incredibly slim waist and perfect chest, along with his big bulging package in some Calvin boxers. The twink star knows he has one very special asset in particular, and as he lays back on the couch and frees his swelling cock from those boxers we discover one of the biggest penises we have ever seen on such a twinky boy. Not only is it a long and uncut tool, it’s super thick and bulging, looking like it belongs on a mature man twice his size. From that moment on we’re infatuated. He plays with his bulging dick, massaging his balls, tightly gripping his shaft, rubbing his length and even laying back again to hump his hips while his pucker is displayed. It’s an intense performance from the hung young guy, one that will have you splashing your splooge out with him while his own oversized dick drenches his hairless stomach with warm semen. We’re hoping we won’t have to wait too long to see him sharing that awesome cock with some of the other boys, you know they’re lining up to experience it for themselves.



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5 July 2024

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