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Ari Avanti & Mitch Matthews

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Mitch Matthews eagerly gets to make his CockyBoys debut topping Ari Avanti for some mutually desired morning sex! Mitch wakes up spooning with Ari and rouses him easily by nibbling on his ear and arouses him by licking his hole. In little time Mitch is also fingering and cock-teasing Ari and, as they start making out, Ari flips Mitch on his back so he can suck every inch of his steel-hard cock.

Once Mitch’s cock is all slicked up, Ari slides down on it to ride him and take him deeper when Mitch thrusts into him. They’re soon in perfect sync and keep going until Mitch takes charge and flips Ari over to rim him. Mitch follows up by fucking Ari from behind every which way and gleefully owning his ass—and Ari breathlessly takes it all.

Mitch finds out just how well Ari can bottom as he drills the limber stud on his back, picks him up to fuck him in mid-air, and, returns to fucking him on his back. Mitch’s goal is to make Ari cum and once he shoots a huge load that puts Mitch over the edge. He shoots his thick load over Ari’s hole and slowly breeds him with it. As they lie back together, the smile on Mitch’s face says it all: this was well worth the wait!



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