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Introducing Anthony Valentine

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Sexy ex-football player, Anthony Valentine chats with superstar Garrett Kinsley for this erotic installment of, “Introducing,” our sexy series that acquaints us with the gorgeous, new guys who’ve just joined the scalding, got Helix family. You can find the new, beautiful, blond boy on Tim-Tom, where he makes sultry videos, and now, here at Helix, where we couldn’t be happier, or hornier about it! The sexy sports enthusiast is multitalented. He’s a musician, who’s great at blowing horns, AND, huge, hung hogs! After Garrett gets the goods on the fine ass boy’s fuck fantasies, the pretty pair create a staff stiffening, fire hot, fantasy video of their own, and WE reap the bone hard benefits. Anthony eats Kinsley’s cock like a crazed cannibal; and, Garrett gives it right back, just as good as he got! Valentine’s bronze booty is way too beautiful for Kinsley to pass up; so, he he tosses the towheaded twink’s tail up, and goes to TOWN on that tight tunnel, with his tongue. Once the twink’s tight end is tenderized, Kinsley offers the ripe, randy dude a raw ride, which Valentine takes full, ass filling, advantage of. After some epic booty bouncing, Kinsley the newbie onto his back, where Anthony’s ass gets absolutely impaled, and hit hard, with an epic hammering. Ball smacking sounds fill the air, as Kinsley puts in some perfect, pounding, super pornstar work. The horned up top terrorizes the twink’s tight tail, till Garrett glazes the gorgeous guy’s golden abs, with a glorious load of goo. It’s a golden boy, gooey-good, babe bang, that get your get DEEP into again, and again!



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