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Backup Ass : Jack Killian, Rick Vilela

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I don’t know who would consider handsome boy Jack Killian merely a fallback option for some good BoyFun, but apparently blond boy Rick Vilela turns to him when he’s spurned by Danny Bianchi while out for a stroll in the wintry woods.

Rick has his needs and if Danny is too busy to gobble dick and fuck some raw ass with him then he can simply text Jack and be getting what he craves soon enough.

And he certainly is. In moments he’s meeting Jack on the couch and the two are locking lips and becoming increasingly ravenous for delicious uncut dong. The handsome boy’s delectable dick is soon glistening with precum and spit while Rick orally pleasures his backup buddy, taking some time to work those fleshy pink balls in the process.

The hunger for cock is soon reciprocated, with Jack worshiping his friend’s inches and spending some good time playing with his smooth twink hole. Watch as he fingers and probes the warm pucker in preparation for his naked inches. No boy could refuse the chance to slide in and enjoy the heat of that fleshy pocket.

With a little slap of Rick’s rump he eases his raw dong in deep and gets to work, giving his pal what he’s needed all day, fucking him from behind and spooning the big-dicked twink until the final thrusting fuck on his back has cum spewing in spectacular fashion.

It’s good to have options, especially with hot tops like Jack.



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