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Jeroen Mondrian & Niko Vangelis Part 2

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Our pair of gods are back with us today with the conclusion of the encounter that they started on Thursday. This time it is Niko’s turn to fuck Jeroen, and it seems that Jeroen loves having his ass rimmed just as much as Niko did in the first part.
While we concede that our cameramen normally do not pay enough attention to this part of love making, Marty Stevens seems to have put extra effort into giving us a great show of ass eating in this pair of scenes. While we all love to see Jeroen as a top, we think that he always gives his best performances when he is getting fucked, and he certainly is enjoying every stoke of Niko’s dick in their session today. What do you think? who made the better top and the better bottom?



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Barebacking Brent Everett

Brent Everett has always been sexually versatile. All his adult life guys have wanted to get fucked deep and hard (and preferably raw) by Brent’s big, fat cock. But sometimes there’s no more beautiful sight than seeing his tight muscles flexing as he’s bouncing on a big cock. Andre Donovan never fails as a hard-and-rough top — don’t forget, his sex scene with Allen King on Fire Island during the September 2019 production was a standout. Brent Everett takes Andre Donovan’s BBC from plenty of positions so he can feel that monster dick tickle the prostate as much as possible!

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Insanely handsome Jayden is with us today as out model of the week. While Jayden may not think much of his own looks, I am sure that we will find plenty of people willing to disagree with him. Too bad that there is a travel ban keeping most of us as home, as Jayden works at one of Europe’s largest airports doing security and handling bags for you. With a near perfect swimmer’s build, handsome face and engaging smile we’re sure that this was one of the easiest shoots Eliot has had in a while. As usual, we are eager for you to let us know what you think of Jayden.


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Manuel Rios & Bob Marghiela

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There are some models, like Ariel, who never seem to age, and then there are others like Manuel Rios, who do age, but still manage to keep that certain ‘something’ special about them.  This year marks Manuel’s 15th year at BelAmi after making his casting debut all the way back in 2005. During that time he has filmed 58 hardcore scenes with us, split almost evenly between the ‘condom’ and ‘condom free’ eras. His partner here today reminds us a bit of a younger version of Manuel, compact and muscled and always very horny, young Bob Marghiela makes a perfect foil to Manuel’s handsome maturity. Today’s scene starts with a bit of a pep talk as Bob thinks he’s not pretty enough to be a model. While Manuel may not be very good at disabusing him of this false idea, he is right in pointing out that it takes much more than a pretty face to be a great porn star.