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Gaelan Binoche

Gaelen is a college student, very bright and enterprising, and he wants to work more for Bel Ami, but so far he is a little bit resistant to taking advice or constructive criticism in order to improve his performance and appearance. We are working with him to shed these habits. He is an excellent top… Continue reading Gaelan Binoche

Belami - Freshmen, Photos, Studios, Videos

SATURDAY SPECIAL: Roald Ekberg & Duffy Bastian

Get the Scene Sometimes during our production at the Chateau we literally run out of space and have to find extra locations for filming. For today's scene with Roald and Bastian we actually sent them all the way back to our studio in Prague to find an empty bed. You may also be thinking that you… Continue reading SATURDAY SPECIAL: Roald Ekberg & Duffy Bastian

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Brent Everett

Brent Everett, real name Dustin Germaine, is a Canadian pornographic actor and producer, as well as a Canadian model, born February 10, 1984 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Since his first performances in 2003, Brent Everett has appeared in over 20 productions for a wide variety of studios. He is known for his powerful and abundant… Continue reading Brent Everett

Belami - Freshmen, Photos, Studios, Videos

Jon Kael & Christopher Caan

Get the scene When we first brought Christopher to you most of you seemed to like him quite a bit with just a few naysayers who were not fond of the downward bend in his dick. Luckily the enthusiasm one out and we decided to film with Christopher for a few years as he started… Continue reading Jon Kael & Christopher Caan

Belami - Freshmen, Photos, Studios, Videos

Paul Cassidy & Viggo Sorensen

Get The Scene Two of our most popular chat boys have teamed up for our episode day.Coming off a marathon 20 hour chat session, Paul Cassidy is still horny and up for what he calls 'real sex' with the handsome Viggo Sorensen. Both of our guys spent a lot of time working out, and unlike… Continue reading Paul Cassidy & Viggo Sorensen

Belami - Freshmen, Photos, Studios, Videos

Jeroen Mondrian & Niko Vangelis Part 2

Get the Scene Our pair of gods are back with us today with the conclusion of the encounter that they started on Thursday. This time it is Niko's turn to fuck Jeroen, and it seems that Jeroen loves having his ass rimmed just as much as Niko did in the first part.While we concede that… Continue reading Jeroen Mondrian & Niko Vangelis Part 2

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Barebacking Brent Everett

Brent Everett has always been sexually versatile. All his adult life guys have wanted to get fucked deep and hard (and preferably raw) by Brent’s big, fat cock. But sometimes there’s no more beautiful sight than seeing his tight muscles flexing as he’s bouncing on a big cock. Andre Donovan never fails as a hard-and-rough… Continue reading Barebacking Brent Everett

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Manuel Rios & Bob Marghiela

There are some models, like Ariel, who never seem to age, and then there are others like Manuel Rios, who do age, but still manage to keep that certain 'something' special about them.  This year marks Manuel's 15th year at BelAmi after making his casting debut all the way back in 2005. During that time he has filmed… Continue reading Manuel Rios & Bob Marghiela

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Andrei Karenin & Jeroen Mondrian

You know you are in for a treat when models like Jeroen and Andrei are performing together, but when they also agree to try and make things a bit 'wilder' you can look forward to something very special indeed.  In truth the boys really live up to their promise right from the start with some pretty… Continue reading Andrei Karenin & Jeroen Mondrian

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Carter Dane & Max Adonis

A mutual desire for lustful passion brings Carter Dane & Max Adonis together in this condom-free scene. And after making out in bed Carter gives himself over to Max's control. Max stands Carter in front of a mirror to play with his bubble butt and tease his hole with his fingers, tongue & rock hard… Continue reading Carter Dane & Max Adonis