I’m Enjoying A Steven Dehler Overdose Right Now

So we saw Steven Dehler for the first time in about two years a few days ago and I think some of you could probably have guessed that this would start a little bit of an obsession with me.

I always loved this handsome hunk, since we first saw him more than ten years ago! Can you believe it’s been that long?

After getting some pics from a friend in an email I got out there and started looking around for more of this gorgeous man, shoots I might have missed over the last few years.

Apparently he’s been in front of the cameras enough to justify sharing him a few more times here at Gay Body Blog, and you can bet I’m always gonna be looking for more and not leave it so long next time!

He is, without doubt, one of the most handsome men who has ever stepped in front of the cameras. The fact that he’s so comfortable showing off that gorgeous ass and that big dick bulge only makes him more fascinating.

We would all love a proper, full-on naked shoot with this guy, but the way he teases and displays himself is definitely enough to keep my interested and wanting more.

I don’t know who is responsible for all these various photos but I think we all want to thank them for delivering this handsome stud.

Enjoy, leave a comment, hit the thumbs-up button and share the post. Have a great Wednesday!


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2 July 2023

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