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COASTAL CRUISING: Dominik Xoxo, Tonni Veroncini

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Slim young Tonni Veroncini and Dominik Xoxo know they can usually find someone for some sexy BoyFun just by hanging out and cruising at the beach. Indeed, there’s always someone there looking for some dick to enjoy or an ass to fill. They both find exactly what they need with each other, just a simple and innocent glance with Tonni showing off his slim body has the two boys making out on the sand and heading off for some privacy. On the couch and craving cock the sexy new friends share a delicious oral session, stripping down and showing off their smooth bodies while they take turns licking and sucking and stroking each other’s lovely penises. Their youthful lust for dong is matched by Dominik’s hunger for ass, taking his opportunity to thoroughly lick and slurp his new pal’s pucker, making him glisten with wetness before easing his naked inches between his mounds. A good fucking from behind progresses to an awesome ride, with Tonni slipping his ass down on his buddy’s lap and savoring the control he has while he slides up and down. Already on the verge of blasting their cream the boys switch to a missionary pounding, with Dominik humping his sexy friend’s rump and taking them both to the final messy moments. Watch as Tonni takes a shower of splooge from his new lover, his own rampant erection launching his milky goo in leaping arcs over his stomach in unison. We’d all gladly go to the beach to find a new lover like either of these delicious boys.



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