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BEST LAID PLANS: Danny Junior, Dominik Xoxo

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They say the best laid plans are doomed to fail, but that’s far from what happens when BoyFun twinks Danny Junior and Dominik Xoxo make their horny plans. A poolside meeting leads to the two immediately heading for some privacy, ending up on a couch where their lips are meeting and their hands are exploring. It’s a passionate and erotic scene as they battle to free the first hardening cock, with young Dominik’s proud erection soon being stroked and sucked by lucky blond boy Danny. It goes without saying both boys are equally hungry and soon tanned boy Dominik has his lips around his pal’s long and pink pleasure pole, soon followed by a slurping of the boy’s tender little twitching pucker. With his cock and hole perfectly pleased young Danny is more than ready to feel his friend’s naked erection sliding in, enjoying a hand job while Dominik pumps his ass with his rampant slippery dong. It’s enough to have any smooth young bottom desperate for release, but Danny knows how to make it last while enjoying that throbbing penis inside him, taking every position his buddy can deliver until the two are spooning. Dominik has a lot of cum to shoot from his rod and it finds a great target in Danny’s cute face, after he’s made his bottom boy splash his sperm over his own stomach. This is the kind of plan we would all love to make with either of these boys.



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