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ANGEL’S HOT HOOKUP : Angel Rivers, Beno Eker

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Beno Eker and Angel Rivers make quite the duo in this new BoyFun adventure. Angel is enjoying one of the hottest hook ups he’s ever had and we’re more than happy to join the two for their stiff-dicked pleasures.

Like most satisfied bottoms Angel is eager to share his excitement with anyone who will listen, but while he’s sharing his horny antics with a friend on the phone and playing with his smooth uncut dick we get the full flashback session to enjoy as the two make out and get down and dirty on the couch.

The two smooth boys are lost in lust with each other, and understandably that passion only seems to become more and more intense as their clothes come off and their stiff young cocks are revealed for sucking.

The boys are perfectly matched, two smooth young guys with eager penises, hungry mouths and cum loads needing release.

Their skilled lips and tongues work their new lover’s meat, taking turns to pleasure their new pal while precum leaks from their desperate dick tips.

With some probing licks of young Angel’s hairless hole Beno is very much eager to slide his naked shaft inside, and you can bet his friend is happy to take it. His boyhole is warm and damp, ready to welcome the throbbing erection deep.

Watch as the two lithe young twinks share the most intensely passionate play, with Angel being fucked on his back and jacking his big uncut dick while he impales his pucker on his buddy’s length and enjoys an awesome ride.

By the the time the boy is one his back for a thorough pumping from that generous twink dong both boys are ready to gush their spooge, and the boy’s stomach and cock make the perfect target for their splashing seed.

With sex that hot there’s no doubt these boys will be hooking up again soon enough.



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2 May 2023

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