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Saturday Special: Freddy and Sammy

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We know that today’s update is going to please those of you who like twinks, and be a bit of a miss for those of you who don’t. Ever since he made his debut in some documentaries back in 2021 we have had people asking for more of Freddy, and this year is going to be his biggest yet.

Today’s scene is a bit of a mixed offering. It was the first time that we filmed Freddy with another guy who wasn’t very experienced (his first 2 scenes were with Kirk and Elio) and we had Viggo behind the camera as well for one of his first outings as a cameraman, so quite a few firsts. As with a few ‘first’ scenes, the boys can be a little unsure of what to do, but the positive bits are that  Freddy and Sammy are, of course, as cute as ever and a treat for the twink lovers out everywhere.



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1 May 2023

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