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Melkis Paulo and Issac Ortega

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Melkis Paulo is sitting in the chair next to Issac Ortega stroking his thick, uncut cock as he rubs Issac’s cock thru his jeans. Melkis stands and goes to the end of the bed. He pulls his pants down – offering his engorged Latin dick to Issac. Issac moves to the end of the bed, pulls off his shirt and begins servicing Melkis’ manhood – swallowing it all the down his throat. They strip out of their clothes, and Issac bends over on all fours in front of Melkis. Melkis pushes his rock-hard cock deep into Issac, and Issac moans with pleasure. Melkis fucks faster and harder as Issac pushes back against him – wanting Melkis’ cock as deep inside him as possible. Melkis has Issac lay back on the bed, and he pushes back Issac’s legs and begins licking his ass. Melkis buries his face – priming Issac for more of his dick. Melkis slides up behind Issac and drives his cock back into Issac’s eager hole. The ass-pounding resumes as Melkis rolls Issac over, pushes his legs back, and fills Issac’s hole one last time. It doesn’t take long for the excitement to get to Melkis. He pulls out just before he loses it and dumps a thick juicy load all over Issac’s chest and abs. Issac grab his cock and starts stroking. Barely touching himself and pretty quickly, Issac squirts his cum all over himself. Not yet finished, Melkis leans over and begins licking the jizz from Issac’s cock and tummy. And with a satisfied look in both of their eyes the camera fades to black.



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