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HARD IN THE YARD : Andy Reyes, Jacob Buccella

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Everyone enjoys a good outdoor romp, and BoyFun twinks Jacob Buccella and Andy Reyes are no exception.

The two lovely twinks are enjoying the afternoon riding around on Andy’s bike, but soon enough blond boy Jacob is looking for something else to ride.

With a little stroll the boys find a discreet little place behind the house and in the shade, a perfect spot for a little smooching. And being two horny boys who can’t get enough cock fun it’s not long before their innocent smooching is becoming a greedy cock sucking.

Some bulge groping soon has the two boys trading blow jobs, sucking on their pal’s big uncut penis, taking turns to lick and slurp on their meaty cocks.

Despite the risks of being caught by a nosey neighbor they’re ready to go all the way, stripping naked and getting more worked up by the moment. Some licking of young Jacob’s innocent little hole is all it takes to have him desperate for that big raw dick to slide in deep.

Andy pumps him from behind and against the wall before they take a seat and Jacob impales his hole down on the hard and thick inches.

With some riding in both directions he’s ready to splash his cum from his eager cock, spurting his semen over the ground in a big display that soon has Andy ready to plaster his cute face with his own hot and gushing cock juice.

We’d all gladly go for a ride with these boys any sunny afternoon.



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Lucas Drake

18 April 2023

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