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Raul Delmar and Rey David

Cute Latin twink Raul Delmar pulls out his cock in front of his buddy Rey David who is just sitting there on the sofa, rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts. Raul moves to the sofa and Rey moves in and starts sucking Raul’s thick, uncut cock. Raul makes some great facial expressions as Rey services him. Raul pulls up his shirt showing off his ripped torso and chest. Raul shoves his cock deep into Rey’s eager throat. Rey pauses to jack Raul’s thick piece of meat and Raul’s balls bounce with each stroke. Raul strips out of his clothes and goes back to face-fucking Rey. Rey gags a few times as Raul’s thick dick hits the back of Rey’s throat. Raul is now sitting on the sofa stroking his long, uncut cock teasing Rey. Rey leans over and continues giving Raul head that almost has him losing his load. Raul grabs ahold of his over stimulated cock and deposits a thick load of creamy jizz down Rey’s throat. Rey continues to lick the jizz dripping from Raul’s cock as Raul just lays back enjoying the added attention.



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Brad Fitt

10 April 2023

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