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HOT SHOWER : Andy Stevens, Stephen Angel

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Fit and sexy Jawked jock Andy Stevens is quite the sight in the shower. You know he always gets a lot of attention at the gym. He gets a lot of attention when he’s at home in the shower too, Stephen Angel can’t help but spy on the sexy young hunk when he spots him playing with his swelling cock.

Luckily for Stephen this horny young hunk is more than eager for some company and after being caught spying from the doorway Stephen is soon joining him to taste the long uncut penis the young man was seen stroking.

With his dick stiff and wanting more Andy goes for a taste of his pal’s pucker and Stephen is in heaven, but his pleasure will only grow when the two head to the comfort of the bedroom.

The greed for cock and ass is soon taking over. Both hunky men rub and suck and lick each other with abandon, their dicks veiny and swollen with delight. Stephen’s pucker twitches in anticipation and with all the rimming he’s received he’s more than ready for his buddy’s big dong to fill him up.

I’s a wild ride for Stephen, ending up on his back with his cum splashing over his abs. The feel of his pal’s big penis took him there, and the sight of his load gushing soon has Andy ready to pump his own hot wad in his friend’s handsome face.

Looks like they both need another hot shower after that.



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Billy Dexter

9 April 2023

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