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Sporty young Angel Santi loves to play with his cock, he does it every day at least once, and he’s more than happy to share his penile pleasures with us all in this debut Jawked session.

There’s very little time to waste with this sexy young man. All it takes is a little groping and his balls are falling out of his briefs, quickly followed by a long shaft of tanned cock, damp and glistening, throbbing with begins and bulging muscle.

He’s such a cute guy but he’s got that quick and urgent energy, he loves to show off and he can’t stop swinging his cock around and making it bounce and twitch.

Watch as the naked young guy kneels on the bed and makes his dick swing and slap from one hip the other, the long and curved cock desperate for more attention while he lets it hang and wiggle in the air.

The sight of the boy on his knees, humping his hips and rubbing his exposed helmet against the sheets while his wobbly buns juggle and wiggle is almost too much, but his horniness only grows while he plays with his pucker between those mounds.

After so much energetic play it’s no wonder he makes a lovely mess, leaning back on the bed and rubbing his cock until semen sprinkles out in a showering release that leaves his stomach glistening with the contents of his dick.



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11 March 2023

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