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You don’t need to look at Jack Allen for long to work out that this Jawked hunk spends a lot of time on his body, but you will look at him for a long time just because he’s so damn fine.

We see it a lot with buff young men, they’re super horny a lot of the time and we think it’s because of all that testosterone they build up in their gym sessions.

It’s certainly true for handsome and muscled young Jack Allen, he’s a self-confessed masturbation fan who enjoys tugging his meat stick at least twice a day, and we’re glad to join the studly new performer for this debut boner stroke.

Watch as the handsome young man strips down and reveals his bulging blue briefs. That’s after spending a little time teasing us with some package play, of course.

With his briefs slipped down and his bare butt revealed he wastes no time bending over to show us the rear view, and what a view it is.

His muscled cheeks are parted to display his pucker while he reaches back and plays with it, while his full nut sack hangs and swings between his beefy thighs. It’s an incredible sight and one you would all love to see in-person and close-up.

With his ass teasing display getting us all fully prepped for a good wank off the handsome hunk lays back and focuses on his efforts. His big balls hang heavy, their wrinkled sack rising and falling while he pumps his meat in his stroking hand.

When his incredible muscles start to flex and bulge even more you know what’s coming, and we get a great finish as semen starts to squirt in leaping pipes of warmth right up his awesome body.

And with that we leave him to go and clean up in the shower, but we’re all waiting for him to share that cock and ass with one of the other guys.



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