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TIS THE SEASON: Alpan Stone, Tony Keit

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Fit young teen Alpan Stone meets up with sexy Tony Keit in town and the weather is decidedly festive. We might be quite a few weeks on from the season of giving but these two BoyFun cuties sure know how to reignite that festive cheer with each other in this pairing.

After a little warming up with some hot chocolate the boys are soon heading home where they can truly work up a sweat.

We join them in the bedroom where some tender kisses are quickly making way for some cock rubbing fun.

With both big and impressive erections freed from their pants the boys enjoy some innocent jousting, their meaty lengths and bulging tips bumping and rubbing together.

Of course, these two need more than just some playful penis handling and with Alpan’s incredible dong desperate for the warm pleasure of a sucking mouth Tony is ready to deliver.

While we’re sure Alpan is new to the pleasure of another hard penis he’s not holding back when he gets the chance to taste his pal. A little licking of Tony’s smooth boy hole and he’s soon bobbing up and down on his friend’s rigid twink cock.

Needless to say, Tony is a skilled bottom and with the prospect of that big dick sliding inside he’s eager to bend over and take it.

Alpan drives his naked length in deep, the smooth helmet powering inside and followed by the girthy shaft, over and over while his balls slap and swing.

Tony’s pleasure only grows when he takes charge and impales his greedy pucker down on his pal’s length for a hot ride, ending up on his back with his dick ready to bust that cream all over.

Alpan is pleased to see the results of his efforts splashing over the boy’s smooth body, so much so that he’s soon pulling his own big meat out and splashing his snowy white milk all over young Tony’s well-fucked hole.

We certainly don’t mind a late holiday gift like this.



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