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Aiden Ward & Finn August enjoy a bit of S & M play

Finn August has a sexy surprise for Aiden Ward: he so wants to be a “good boy” for him that he’s locked his cock in a chastity cage! The reveal is exciting for Aiden, especially when Finn gives him the key—and the power over his cock. Aiden bides his time though, continuing their sensual foreplay and letting Finn suck him.

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 Aiden reciprocates by eating out Finn’s ass but he soon wants his cock so he finally unlocks the cage to suck him and enjoy his hole more. With all the teasing Finn really craves to be filled and he slides down on Aiden’s cock to ride him and take his deep thrusts.

Aiden shows Finn that he also has ownership of his ass as he fucks and pounds his hole in every way—- and Finn just can’t get enough.  At last, as Finn rides Aiden again, his self-imposed chastity culminates in a huge load he splatters all over Aiden. Aiden pulls out and cums too, breeding Finn and making him one very content good boy.

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3 March 2023

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