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RIDING JUSTIN’S ASS : Ander MarinJustin Host

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Sexy young Justin Host might not have been intending to hook up while hanging around outside on his phone, but the young man isn’t going to turn down the chance for some no-strings BoyFun when eager Ander Marin stops nearby and the two make contact.

Nothing needs to be said, they both know what they’re looking for and the moment they’re in Justin’s bedroom their lips are meeting and their cocks are swelling.

Stripped down to their underwear it’s clear Ander knows how to enjoy a good length of cock, and Justin has plenty for him to suckle and lick.

Ander works the gorgeous curved twink meat in his mouth with his own dick filling his showers, it’s clear he’s packing even more meaty muscle.

Justin is just as greedy, with the incredible cock dripping and throbbing the boy rubs and slobbers all over it before getting his pucker licked by his hung new buddy.

Slim Ander makes a meal of his hole before sliding in and filling his new pal with his incredible cock, but young Justin can take it. After backing up and fucking himself on that offered schlong the boy submits to a great ride, buggered from behind and bouncing on Ander’s length before a dep spooning brings them to a cum-splashing finish.

Ander unloads in his new pal’s pucker and the feel of all that hot semen in his hole soon has bareback bottom boy Justin wanking his own milky mess from his bent banana.

There’s surely no better way to find new friends in the city.



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