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Lucky Tourists : Archi Gold, Dominik Xoxo

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Super fit young twunk Dominik Xoxo is looking far too tempting in his tank top while he and his gorgeous little friend Archi Gold take photos outside the historic buildings in town. With a few lovely pics snapped the two visiting boys are soon heading back to their room to get their BoyFun freak on. We know what it’s like. When you’re traveling with a horny pal there’s always a lot of hard young cock to enjoy and these two make sure to make the most of their excursions. The boys are making out on the bed and revealing their smooth and tight bodies for each other, grinding their bulges together, exploring their flesh with their hands and mouths. With cocks freed from their pants the two are ravenous, sucking on each other’s wet and stiff poles, swapping their tasty dicks until Archi takes control and demands his buddy’s meat in his tight little pucker. The boy hops on, straddling his friend and riding his naked shaft, enjoying a rapid bouncing fuck before taking it from behind. A little spooning and friendly reach around action soon has the lean and tight little guy launching his milky mess over his body, and his friend isn’t far behind with his own splashes. Hung top boy Dominik wanks off in is friend’s face, splashing his hot semen all over cute Archi in a messy delivery that leaves them both fully satisfied.



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Dany x : Classic Man

18 January 2023

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