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Handsy Boyfriends : Andy Reyes, Angel Rivers

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Adorable Angel Rivers and smooth young Andy Reyes look like a lovely couple while they enjoy an afternoon together roaming around town and taking in the winter sights. Of course, with a significant chill in the air it’s no wonder these two are soon seeking an opportunity to warm up with some BoyFun.

It’s a passionate pairing, no doubt about it. The gorgeous duo are soon making out on the bed, their hands exploring each other, their need to taste hard cock rising until clothes are coming off and their slim and smooth bodies are displayed.

Andy’s impressive uncut dong is the first to be freed from his bulging briefs and his blond pal wastes no time worshiping his damp inches. He’s an experienced young twink, his mouth knows how to work a throbbing tool.

Andy is no slouch in that department either and with a quick swap he’s sucking on Angel’s swelling penis and offering his friend an oral performance the boy won’t forget any time soon. It’s not confined to his hardening boy meat either, with a little flip Angel’s hairless buns are up for Andy to part with his lips and tongue.

Very little licking is needed to have the boy ready for his engorged length and Andy is eager to deliver, pumping his thick prick deep and filling his buddy with his naked cock. The socked boys are ready for a full thrusting, with some doggy style pumps followed by some deep and probing spooning before Angel ends up on his back.

Sexy Andy keeps a steady pace, his dick sliding in and out and his heavy sack swinging with urgency between his thighs until their need to unload their balls takes over, with the two rubbing up some spurting fountains of cum in a messy wank off finish that has teen cream slinging all around.

There’s no better way to end a romantic winter walk.



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