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Tony Keit and Richard Stone

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Tony Keit has his massage table all ready for Richard Stone’s weekly session, and when Richard walks in you can tell by Tony’s smile that he’s very happy to see him. Richard sits down on the table, and Tony helps him remove his tank top revealing a smooth and tight torso. Tony is already shirtless, displaying his own tight and twinky physique. Richard lays face down on the table, and Tony goes to work massaging Richard’s back. Tony expertly works the kinks out of Richard’s tight muscles, and then he pulls down Richard’s shorts to massage his beautiful ass, which is plump and tight all at the same time. Tony adds some more oil and rubs it into Richard’s ass cheeks, and Richard lets out a soft moan as Tony brushes a finger across his sensitive hole. Richard’s thick, uncut cock is already rock hard, and pointing straight down between his legs. Tony continues to tease Richard’s tight, puckered hole, before reaching down to rub and tug on Richard’s rigid pole for a bit. Adding more oil, Tony moves down to focus on Richard’s legs, and then feet. Tony rolls Richard over, and gives his full attention to Richard’s hard cock and large, round balls. He jerks Richard’s foreskin up and down the shaft with one hand, while using a finger from his other hand to penetrate Richard’s man-hole. Tony then bends over and starts sucking Richard’s sausage, bobbing up and down while Richard moans in absolute ecstasy. Tony halts the blow-job to squirt more oil on Richard’s cock, and resumes jacking him off. Richard’s balls are full and heavy with cum, and they start drawing up tight to his body. Tony starts jacking faster and faster, and Richard’s breathing becomes quicker and shallower. Finally, with Tony still jerking with one hand and pushing just the right spot on Richard’s prostate with the other, Richard erupts and shoots his hot creamy load all over his stomach and abs. Tony squeezes out every last drop, and our scene fades to black with our two studs staring lustfully at each other.



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