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Welcome to the Neighborhood : Aiden Garcia,Asher Haynes

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Fresh into town, Asher Haynes happens upon new neighbor Aiden Garcia at the dog park. To say the flirting is fire hot from the start would be an understatement; and, the sexually charged, tension on the temperature dick-dial only rises from there! Back at Aiden’s, he gets right to work, making sure his new neighbor feels welcome. Asher feel so comfortable and Factory Gobles down Garcias gargantuan groin with gag worthy, gusto! Then Garcia gets on his new neighbor’s knob to return the tonsil tickling treat, with some delicious deep throat action. Not to be outdone, Asher tosses Aiden’s legs in the air, and eats that sexy seat like supper. Wet, and ready for a ride, Aiden hops on that next door dick, and bounces till balls slap against his smooth, bronze booty. Haynes hammers The hottie out in front and perfectly porntastic positions till they both explode, covering Garcia’s gorgeous league golden skin with spicy dude spunk. We have a feeling, Asher is REALLY going to like it here!



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