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Off to Meat A Boy : Beno Eker, Rick Vilela

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Blond Brazilian boy Rick Vilela bumps into Danny Bianchi in the snowy forest but while there would usually be the chance to head off for some BoyFun together the slim twink already has a meeting planned. That’s no big deal though, Danny certainly understands when he sees those photos of Beno Eker. It’s not a decision the blond boy is regretting when he’s on the bed with his new friend, their lips locked and their clothes quickly being slipped off. In no time at all Rick has his eager mouth on the delicious dick of his new friend, sucking on Beno’s generous dong with the kind of skill you would expect from a twink like him. The smooth young guys are equally matched in that department, as Beno is quick to reveal when he goes in for a taste of the tanned twink’s impressive erection. With their opening oral salvo enjoyed Beno delivers a little licking to his buddy’s pucker and it’s soon ready for his raw length to slide right in. Rick can’t seem to get enough of it, his own cock rigid with pleasure while his friend spoons him from behind and offers the twink a ride on his incredible tool. The incredible thrusting Beno delivers to the boy on his back is what ultimately leads to their creamy finish, with semen splashing all over cute little Rick and a mouthful of warm sperm for the top boy. No doubt Beno’s number will be in Rick’s phone for a long time to come.



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