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Jacob Hansen and Brett Daniels

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Jacob Hansen is celebrating his birthday in a new town, with a blind date. However, Brett Daniels is running a bit late to meet him; but, when he finally does show up, he has a big birthday balloon in tow! That’s when Jacob realizes this thoughtful, gorgeous guy is gonna give me a birthday to remember, and boy does he! After an entrancing night on the town, the guys wind up in the bedroom, unwrapping all Hansen’s perfect birthday presents. Wanting to make this a b-day to remember for his new dude, Daniels puts a deep throat, lusty licking on Jacob’s juicy jock, as he locks eyes with the man of the hour. Brett has a big birthday candle for his guy, and Jacob makes sure it’s blown full, and proper. Next on the menu, is Hansen’s delicious birthday cake, which Brett makes a mighty meal of. After, Daniels lays back up on the bed. Jacob takes the hottie’s hint, and hops on his huge hog for a rip roarin’ ride! Brett’s birthday cakes have been looking tasty to Hansen all night. So, the boys switch it up, and Brett receives a big dick banging, like it’s HIS birthday! Gorgeous, glistening, sex sweat starts to gleam on Daniels as Hansen mounts him like a lion, then switches to doggy, while Brett looks back at him. Then, the birthday boy orders his gorgeous gift onto his back. Daniels does as he’s told; and, Hansen hammers the hottie out hard, while holding his ankles in the air. Jacob’s giant brings Brett’s throbbing bone to a boil, and he bursts, covering his peaches, and cream torso with a fresh batch of boy bust. His tightening twink tunnel turns Hansen’s hog into a fire hose, and he douses the dude down with some lusty, liquid dick! The birthday bust shoots up onto Brett’s chest, with the rest of the golden boy’s goo going all over that freshly fucked ass. This is DEFINITELY a birthday Hansen will keep in his spank bank for ages to come; and, so will you!



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21 April 2022

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