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The Lake House: Episode Five

Get the Scene With only a couple hours left in their wild weekend, Brian Gibson, Jacob Hansen, Devin Holt and Jace Myer meet up in the lake house living room to thank Garrett Kinsley for his piping hot hospitality. Cock hungry Kinsley says exactly how he’d like to be thanked, and soon enough all five… Continue reading The Lake House: Episode Five

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The Lake House: Episode Three

Get the Scene A game of Never Have I Ever brings out the beast in the boys, sending Brian Gibson, Garrett Kinsley and Jacob Hansen into a hellishly hot threesome! Kinsley sets the ball rolling by daring his two new friends to make out, then joins in on the fun as the guys shed their… Continue reading The Lake House: Episode Three

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The Lake House: Episode Two

Get the scene All the guys have arrived and they’re settling into the lake house. All except Devin Holt, who’s a bit of an introvert. The group notices the shy guy and do they’re best to bring the sexy brunette out of his shell. And, nothing helps a shy guy out like five, half naked… Continue reading The Lake House: Episode Two

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Horny Housekeeper

Get The Scene Housekeeper Jacob Hansen works for Max Carter, who’s been a real hard ass lately. Hansen is bound and determined to get even with the boss for being a prick. So, he invites bang buddy Seth Peterson over to fuck in the master’s bed! After nearly getting caught when Carter comes home for… Continue reading Horny Housekeeper

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Inside Helix: The Orgy

Our groundbreaking new series is back, upping the ante again in this episode, “”Inside Helix: the Orgy!” The series always opens up with bone stiffening behind the scenes footage, which Travis Stevens describes as, “kind of like Big Brother, but naked and gay.” In this chapter the guys chat about what it takes to get… Continue reading Inside Helix: The Orgy

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Dishing it Out

jacob Hansen hasn’t been pulling his weight around the house, and roommate Max Carter isn’t about to let the boy slide one more time. So, when Hansen strolls cavalierly into the kitchen while Carter is doing the dude’s dishes and playfully sprays him with water....... it goes DOWN! Soaking wet, and mad as hell, Master… Continue reading Dishing it Out

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Public Punishment

It’s boys night, and all your favorite twink fuck and spank stars are chinning in the game room. Jacob Hansen accidentally unplugs the Pac-Man machine Travis Stevens JUST hit the high score on, there’s hell to pay, PUBLICLY! Travis bends him right over in front of all his buddies for a butt spanking beat down… Continue reading Public Punishment

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Thick Dicked

Newcomer, and Richie West holds his own kissing cock hungry, fuck star Jacob Hanson! The naughty newbie’s dick desire gets the best of him; and, he quenches that’s curiosity by delivering a dicklicious hummer to Hansen’s extra huge hog! After a job well done, Jacob jumps on Richie’s raging rod, showing off his suck skills… Continue reading Thick Dicked

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Zach’s First Flip

Sizzling the second the screen gets bright, bang boys Jacob Hansen, and Zach Letoa lay it on one another, thick and heavy. Instinctively dropping to his knees when he feels Hansen’s hog harden, Zach throats the meaty magic stick deeper and deeper, thanks to the erotic, verbal encouragement from Jacob. After getting his cock rocked,… Continue reading Zach’s First Flip

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Hammered Hard

With a shredded body, and and erotic anticipation, Jimmy Andrews tears into hot piece, Jacob Hansen. The horned up dirty blond strips the young stud, as he tastes his tight, tan torso, and moves towards that dick. Andrews wastes no time once reaching his meaty mark, spending equal time deep throating, and sucking seed filled… Continue reading Hammered Hard

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Tristan Adler and Jacob Hansen

Fan favorites, Tristan Adler and Jacob Hansen get real, and raunchy in another exciting edition of our action packed porn lover's smash series, #Helix, where the guys answer all your questions, AND act out your requests submitted on Twitter! The questions start off light, then get good and juicy, running the gamut from subjects like… Continue reading Tristan Adler and Jacob Hansen

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Flip for It

To say Andy Taylor, and Jacob Hansen are into each other is an understatement. Their contagious chemistry seeps from the scene, as the two twink superstars settle into a smokin’ hot snog-straddle complete with Andy getting that incredible ass paddled! After Hansen has smacked that hind end, Andy strips his stone-hard stud down and attacks… Continue reading Flip for It

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RealCam: Trevor Harris & Jacob Hansen

The city of sin burns bright below, as Jacob Hansen and Trevor Harris set up shop in their own personal space to put on a special show. Going the extra mile just for their fans, the two combine their cockage, and twink porn star power to deliver a personal experience, which includes video from their… Continue reading RealCam: Trevor Harris & Jacob Hansen