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Flip Flopping Cuties : Daniel Morris, Keagan Case

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We join Keagan Case, and Daniel Morris already locked in a hot embrace. Keagan’s horniness is at 100 plus, and he tears into Daniel like a cock hungry cannibal, ripping his shirt off, and sucking Morris’ meaty dick like a demon. He stands up after unleashing the first part of his ravenous wrath, ready to be serviced, and dick sucker Daniel is more than prepared. He deep throats that thick D like a pro, working the balls as his lips touch the base. Keagan is so impressed, he dishes out some delicious dirty talk, then asks the boy if he wants to eat that ass. Morris plunges into Case’s pristine caboose like a beast, spreading his checks with his hands while he darts his tongue in and out, and slapping the side for good measure. After a pornstar portion of the perfect posterior, Daniel stands up, crams his huge cock in, and dicks the dude DOWN! After a righteous railing, Case asks his boy, “your turn?” Daniel says, “yea,” and assumes the position, face down. The camera catches all the ass smashing action from every gorgeous angle, as Keagan crushes that can. The guys flip once more, with Case on top. He bounces his beautiful butt up and down, spread eagle, as Daniel gives him a reach around. Keagan takes matters into his own hands as he’s slides into home, jackin’ his juice filled jock till it spits straight up in the air. The fresh nut splatters back down, and covers Case’s cock, crotch, and thigh, as Daniel takes in the sexy sight. Keagan hops off Morris’ hog, then plants his face right in the line of fire. The first bust-blast nails the boy right in the corner of the eye; then, he goes in for a gooey gulp of cock to slurp at the rest. The cum covered twosome then finish as they began, in a hot embrace.




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Alex Blade

1 March 2022

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