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Masseur Seduction : Shane Hirch & Nick Vargas

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Nick Vargas wanted to have a massage so he hit up Shane Hirch because a friend recommended him. He didn’t expect to feel so at ease as that handsome jock put his hands on him. Shane also felt the chemistry so he didn’t restrain his hands when the massage began. The oil and Shane’s powerful hands made Nick feel bliss before Shane noticed his naughty underwear. It wasn’t long after than Nick was being sucked off! Nick didn’t want to be the only one having fun though so he had Shane lay back on his massage table while he filled his mouth with cock. Shane then spread his legs and Nick came in rushing. The bareback soon turned doggystyle as Nick was picking up the pace, going balls deep. Shane couldn’t help but whimper as his hole got what it deserved. He spilled his load first before Nick shot his all over Shane’s hole!




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