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The Sexposition : Finn Harper, Max Trey

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It’s no wonder gorgeous boys Finn Harper and Max Trey are both so inspired to have some hot Jawked fun after strolling around the sex museum and looking at all the giant cocks and antique dildos.

No doubt the sexiest tourist attraction in town has encouraged millions of couples to seek out a bed, or some other place, to have a little of their own fun.

These boys don’t need to make use of any toys or tools other than the meaty ones they’re soon revealing from their pants. The smooth and toned young men are quickly grasping and stroking, sucking and licking, pleasuring each other’s impressively hard cocks.

Max is especially skilled, gagging on Finn’s engorged inches and taking his meat right to the hilt.

It’s not just his mouth that’s so skilled. With a little lapping of the boy’s gorgeous little hole Finn is easing his naked rod deep inside, from behind in a spooning position and doggy, too. The lad humps his butt and we enjoy the sight of is tanned little rump working hard to get them both off, in every position.

Watch as his ample balls slap and swing from below while his naked piston pumps in and out of the super snug pucker.

This kind of ball swinging thrusting is enough to have any boy on the edge of splooging, but Max doesn’t want to end it before riding that pole and wanking himself, splashing his juices up his tight body and laying back for his gorgeous pal to squirt off his own hot white jizz in his face.



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