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Luke Plays With Himself

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Handsome muscle boy Luke Geer has been working out a lot since we last saw him. He was always a very fit and lean young man with a very healthy interest in his uncut cock, and sharing it with other boys, but seeing him back for a Jawked solo session on the couch is a real highlight.

The handsome young man does a little flexing and gropes the shape of his cock before revealing his muscular body. He’s got the build of a real athlete, but one who works on his definition more than the average gymnast would.

When he’s stripped down to his colorful underwear his cock is already swelling up, ready to be revealed and played with.

He can’t seem to control himself, his briefs are slipped off and his balls hang while his cock throbs up. His tight virginal hole is displayed for all the guys to enjoy. No doubt you’re all wondering what it would be like to slide into that super tight hole and pop his cherry.

And with that the horny jock boy gets to work on his hooded erection, pumping his stiff, tanned penis in his experienced hands, rubbing his foreskin over his tender tip in a well-practiced move that seems to work well for him.

With his penis damp with precum and his need to cum taking over the handsome lad lays back on the couch and focuses on his finale, his pecs and bicep flexing while he wanks his stiff cock in his manly fist, spurting out a thick fountain of jock semen that you can almost hear splatting heavily against his ripped abs.

His stomach is soon decorated with big puddles of warm sperm, no doubt the result of his last strenuous workout in the gym. We’re all glad he saved that load for us instead of squirting it off in the gym showers, although the other guys who would have liked to watch and wank along might disagree.



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28 January 2022

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