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Introducing Noah Bentley : Jacob Hansen, Noah Bentley

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Our sizzling series, “Introducing” is back with naughty, New Yorker, Noah Bentley! Superstar twink, Jacob Hansen interviews the new boy on the block, and gets alllll the goods. The fresh faced cutie gives a LOT, sharing stories about coming out, hooking up with his sister’s boyfriend, AND touches on his fantasy about being tied up. Naturally, after the spicy interview, Hansen, and Bentley get down to business. The new dude looks right at home on camera, kissing, and groping Hansen as they tear at each other’s clothes. Showing erotic initiative, Noah gets on his knees, teasing Jacob’s juicy jock over his undies. Then, he goes in, sensually licking, and sucking the hottie’s huge hog, hell bent on giving us a first impression to remember. He comes up for air long enough to kiss Jacob, and ask him if he’s down to return the fellatio favor. Of course, Jacob jumps on that fresh meat in a millisecond, deep throating the impressive piece, while Noah gives him dirty words of encouragement. Next, Hansen tosses the twink’s tail in the air, and breaks his back door in with his tongue. After the epic, cheek spreading, ass eating, Jacob orders the newbie to, “flip over.” He breaks the fresh seal on the sexpot with a thick dicked thrust, and quickly builds up a raunchy rhythm. The tanned skin cutie takes it doggy style, then on his back, where Hansen hammers him out while standing. The camera gets a glorious closeup, when Jacob turns the tight twink tail to the side for some deliciously, deep dicking. On his back once more, new boy Noah jacks his juicy jock till it erupts with porny pleasure, splattering onto his shredded stomach, hip, and even the bed. Jacob pulls out, and absolutely annihilates the guy’s booty with a big load of beautiful, boy bust. The creamy goodness glides down the dude’s crack, and heads towards his hole. Then, Hansen smacks his rager against the cutie’s crevice, and shoves the cum coated cock back in. Still raging hard, Hansen leans down to kiss his cutie for a job well done. Welcome to Helix, Noah!



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