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Ennio Leone & Zane Belville


Ennio Leone is back with us this week for a really hot encounter with his friend Zane Belville. Ennio takes advantage of the calm morning for some stretching but Zane has another physical activity in mind. Convincing Ennio to do something more erotic than yoga isn’t exactly difficult so pretty soon, Zane is enjoying a deep and intense blowjob. Ennio’s butt is about to take Zane‘s cock but before that, he is rewarded for his oral skills with a blowjob and a rimjob. Without changing positions, Zane suddenly feels the tight embrace of Ennio’s hole around his cock. Right from the start, the fucking is deep and intense, the two boys bringing the best out of each other. The energy between them is simply electrifying and the creamy end is inevitable. We are sure this isn’t the last time that Ennio will get a visit from his boy next door“



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