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HOT HOOKUP: John Brachalli, Roque Rems

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Having a regular lover is fun, but it’s sometimes better to have a hot hookup with a random Jawked hunk with no strings attached. Roque Rems and John Brachalli understand that more than any guy. Inked and powerful muscle man John doesn’t have to try too hard to find a hot dude to hang out with in the city. A quick check on the app and he has handsome and fit Roque immediately on the way. It seems to take mere moments before the two handsome men meet at John’s couch and with no introduction needed they’re quickly getting very familiar with each other. Kissing and groping leads to the two men comparing their muscled bodies, revealing their hunky pecs and hot fur-dusted abs for each other. In moments John has targeted the swelling uncut meat in his visitor’s black boxer shorts and he’s sucking on that tasty dong with skill and passion, taking his time to work the head, the shaft and the balls. Roque is no slouch when it comes to oral either, and with his own tool wet and throbbing he’s happy to suck on John’s rampant muscle rod before being diverted to the big man’s beefy ass. It’s clear John needs that raw dick inside him, and you can bet Roque is happy to oblige, after licking out his pucker with the kind of hunger you would expect from men like this. The powerful bareback thrusting Roque delivers is exactly what John was looking for, enjoying that hard ramming in every position, with several breaks for the two to share more slurps before their need to cum finally takes them both over the edge in a gooey display of satisfaction. Something tells me these two local studs will be meeting up again real soon.



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