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INVITED IN FOR ANAL: Col Raider, Danny Collins, Liam Fox

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BoyFun twink Danny Collins seems a little lonely, but while he’s groping his cock on the bed he’s soon gaining the attention of Col Raider and the horny observer isn’t hiding his interest in what his friend is playing with. Nothing needs to be said between these two. In moments Col is showing off his bare ass and playing with his pucker, which is more than a subtle invitation for Danny to come over and fill him up. Indeed, with a little smooching that exactly what hung young Danny is doing, cramming his big uncut bareback cock between those buns and fucking his friend deep. That would be enough to satisfy most, but with adorable boy Liam Fox strolling past their window at just the right time and overhearing what’s happening inside he’s quickly invited to join the fun. No sane twink would be able to resist such an invitation, and this boy certainly can’t. His cock is quickly freed and slurped, his clothes coming off and his roaming tongue up young Col’s fucked hole. It’s soon followed by his own raw dick, taking the boy from behind while Danny continues to feed their bottom his big meaty dong. Such a cock swapping threesome is bound to produce a lot of hot twink sperm, and you can bet young Col is going to get as much of that delicious semen as he can while his friends wank off in his face and blast him with their copious wads of dick juice. Danny never expected such an adventure while playing with his penis on his bed, that’s for sure.



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