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Elio Chalamet & Jim Durden

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Elio Chalamet and Jim Durden are strolling the streets of historic Prague and enjoying their time outside before they decide to go somewhere quieter place and engage in a different kind of activity. As soon as they enter the apartment, they start ripping off each other’s clothes and making out. Jim cannot hold back any longer, jumping on the naked Elio in bed and placing his hard dick in his mouth, before sucking him in a 69. The blowjobs are very intense with every inch of each dick filling the mouth of the other. Jim then spends some time sucking Elio’s toes, a huge turn-on for Elio who desperately wants Jim’s cock inside his ass. Jim rims his partner’s hole before carefully sliding his hard manhood inside. Before long Elio is enjoying the wildest ride of his life. Jim fucks his friend’s hole, stimulates his prostate, and brings him closer to the inevitable cumshot. Elio’s anal orgasm excites Jim still more and he keeps on fucking his friend until he cannot hold back anymore, surprising Elio with an explosive climax over his armpit and face. Jim again demonstrates his unique and relentless sex drive.



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