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BelamiOnline: Paul Mekas Fucks Jack Harrer

And in late 2013, BelamiOnline released this amazing video with Jack Harrer clearly in his prime, devouring Paul’s huge cock.

Final part of this mini-series here on the day BelamiOnline released a remastered video of the Roger Lambert Threesome feat. Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer and Paul Mekas (see here). In this mini-series, I will bring you the duo videos of these guys released by BelamiOnline back in the days. And I am dating these posts back to date of the release. The final part is Paul Mekas Fucks Jack Harrer. And it brings us Jack Harrer in his prime. There are no preview clips from back then, but I included an animated gif below, to give you an idea of the action.


As I mentioned before, there was a time where Jack loved to bottom for huge dicks. Later, he became kind of a diva, complaining when he had to bottom to often for his taste. I mean, he was their biggest star for many years, and their most popular performer for several years in a row. One time he acted up, saying the new generation of models can’t take huge dicks like his anymore. But here it’s quite obvious Jack loved every thick long inch of Paul’s delicious dick. But not only because of the way he feasted on that yummy 8.5 incher. Also the way he presented his hungry hole to his young top here is super hot.



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