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Freshmen #340: Jack Harrer Fucks Sven Basquiat


Second hardcore scene from this week Freshmen issue brings us the return of Jack Harrer together with hot blond Sven Baquiat.

Get ready for the return of the legend! With Jack Harrer Fucks Sven Basquiat, this week Freshmen brings back their biggest star of the past decade. Having been the most popular performer on their main site BelamiOnline for many years. There were times when BelamiOnline and Freshmen were unimaginable without Jack Harrer. And this video with Jack fucking a young Sven Basquiat’s smooth bubble butt is just a perfect example, why he was so popular. Jack just had what it takes. The energy, the lean body, that legendary cock, a smooth little ass, and big heavy balls that produce massive loads of hot cum! It’s all in this release. Well, except that his little ass doesn’t get much attention here. But there are lots of videos with Jack bottoming on BelamiOnline and Freshmen. Like his early scene with Joel Birkin (see here), a three way with Dylan and Peter (see here). Or Kian O’Connor fucking Jack (see here).


Of course Jack Harrer didn’t return from his retirement from gay porn. This scene was produced about a year after Sven’s first hardcore scene with Kevin Warhol was shot. Sven’s first releases date back to 2017. And so he had already gained some experience being teamed up with other guys. Which was necessary, since Jack has a really thick cock. Jack had a tendency to complain that there aren’t enough guys who take that thick cock. But then, when someone took on the challenge, Jack also wasn’t known to be very careful with them.



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30 March 2024

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