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Andy Reyes & Oliver Diamond

Southern Strokes on Badpuppy with Andy Reyes and Oliver Diamond: Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is fun, especially when you have a sexy twink to fuck. Just ask Andy Reyes and Oliver Diamond. Andy and Oliver were engaged in an intense game of foosball, one that Andy didn’t want to lose. Oliver knew losing the game meant his hole was on the line, and he didn’t mind losing. He preferred it, and it showed. After the game, the two boys went to the bedroom, where it was time to collect. Kissing soon turned into sucking as Oliver took as much of Andy’s big dick down his throat as possible before Andy did the same to him. But this wasn’t a dick-sucking contest. Someone was going to get fucked, and they both knew who that person was going to be. Oliver gave his buddy his prize as he bent over and took Andy’s cock for a spin around the block before spewing their cummy twink loads.


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Sean Ford

29 March 2024

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