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Cody Cachet, Gabriel Valentino & Max Morgan + Cody Cachet & Elijah White : Watermelon sex

Cody, Max and Gabriel arrive at the pool party a little late, and can’t find anyone by the pool. So after a quick swim, they start making out in. Hung twink Cody and Max then fuck Gabriels little tight ass in this hot steaming outdoor scene.

Elijah White has got some free time on a hot summer day. He also has a beautiful fresh watermelon and a dirty dirty mind. Put all these things together and he gets an idea. Cody Cachet stumbles upon this scene midway into its inception, and clearly is in. Before you know it, the two of them are fucking this piece of fruit in every way thinkable, but that only gets them started. Before you know it, they’ve ditched the fruit and set in on each other. Well its not going to beat the heat but at least something else will get beat.


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28 March 2024

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