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KISS THE COOK: Andy Stevens, Joaquin Santana

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Everyone loves a good home cooked meal, but it’s even better when it’s delivered by a Jawked hunk who has something even better arranged for dessert. To be fair, cook Andy Stevens and his sexy lover Joaquin Santana don’t even get to taste what the buff young man is preparing before the younger of the two is up on the kitchen counter with his hooded cock in Andy’s mouth. The two horny boys head to the bedroom to work up an appetite and with a few quick moves they’re naked and feasting on each other’s delicious dicks. No doubt these two orally obsessed young men could spend a good long while just pleasuring each other’s pole but it’s clear young Joaquin needs something more… filling. Andy is happy to serve up his sausage, pumping his length into his buddy from behind and giving younger Joaquin an awesome ride, the bottom boy’s dick swinging and slapping while he eases up and down on the bareback muscle. The final rapid and greedy thrusts with Joaquin on his back has the boy gushing his juices over his abs and the sight of that hot release is all our cook needs before he’s pulling out and adding his own spurts of cream to the mess. We would all love to stop by for dinner some time.



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