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PRETTY PEEPERS: Ares Reiv, Pablo Alt

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Slim Spanish boy Ares Reiv is relaxing on his bed and being enticed into some solo BoyFun by his throbbing erection when cutie Pablo Alt catches him in the act. Most boys have caught a friend stroking his dick and working on a cum load, but not many are invited to come and taste it. Even fewer would be so eager to take up such an offer it if was prevented, but slim Pablo is the dick pleasing type and in moments he’s wrapping his lips around his handsome pal’s cock and sucking him with eager skill. As their clothes gradually come off and Pablo’s proud penis is freed Ares has to grab a taste and return the favor, bobbing up and down on his buddy’s knob while his own continues to throb and drip precum with anticipation of what’s to come. The sight of Ares diving in to lick out his pal tells us all we need to know, it’s clear that slim young Pablo is gonna get that naked cock inside him and enjoy a good long ride. The voyeuristic twink takes that prick in every position, finishing with an epic eruption of hot cum leaping from his boner and showering his smooth body while Ares squirts off his own milky goo on the boy’s chest. Next time young Pablo won’t have to be caught watching, he no doubt has an open invitation to enjoy his friend’s lovely penis.



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